Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
October 2, 1999


Antonito StationThis is Antonito Station. We arrived here, bought our lunch tickets, picked up our train tickets and boarded the bus to the Chama station.
Unused K-36An unused engine next to our train.
Rotary plowThis picture of a rotary plow was taken from our train.
Front of plowThe front of the plow once we started moving.
AlanAlan looking back.
She'll be commin 'round the mountain when she comes...Climbing the steep grade to Cumbres Pass the train needs a helper locomotive. (Double heading)
She'll be commin 'round the mountain when she comes...'Rounding another bend.
She'll be riding six white horses when she comes...Rounding another corner, Doubleheadding.
We are venting drive plasma!Watering stop at Cresco.
slurpAnother shot at Cresco.
She'll be driving six white horses when she comes...The two engines working hard.
Outhouse?An outhouse? Here?
Trees *cough*Trees, mountains, smoke.
Trains crossing bridge.Trains crossing a bridge.
Cumbres StopThe Cumbres stop, where we disconnect the helper locomotive.
She'll be comming round the mountain when she comes...Train without helper.
she'll be coming round the mountain, she'll be comming round the mountain...Yet another turn...
Over CrossingOver Crossing. Me taking the picture; on Alan's site.
Through rocksTrain going through rocks. At Windy Point.
Osier StationOsier Station. The other train beat us there. If you go the food is a very solid okay. Nothing great, but nothing was bad. There was also some time to look around,
Front of TrainFront of the K-36.
Middle of K-36Driving wheels of K-36.
End of K-36Tender, and engineer.
TreesFrom the open observation car looking foreward over the tender at some trees.
treesThe fall colors were amazing.
Rock formationsFunky rock formations.
Back of trainFrom the open car looking back.
Inside of a turnInside of a turn.
Our trainOur train back at Antonito.

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