Things I like:					Things I hate:
	Sunsets					Sunrises--It's too damn early
	Macs					PCs
	Macs					UNIX--though it's growing on me
	Music--not metal or rap			Metal and rap
	Vinyl					CDs--well, hate's a strong word
	Linn					"Pefect Sound Forever" --Sony/Phillips
	Star Trek				Anti-Trekkers
	Babylon 5				People who say "Trekkie" =)
	Kirk					Picard (is a wuss)
	Pizza					Cold pizza, except for breakfast
	Homemade bread				Uncle Ben's disgusting excuse for rice
	Friends--not the show			Shallow, transparent people
	The Simpsons				Beavis and Butthead
	Nine ball				Eight ball
	Blue					Colorized movies
	Letterbox				Pan and Scan
	Subs					Dubs
	Nikon					Canon
	Cooking					Cleaning
	Looney Toons				Captain Planet
	Beta					VHS--wow, does this date me or what?
	Land Cruisers				Jeeps
	Sigs					Glocks
	Punahou					Iolani Actually, some of my best friends went to Iolani... :-)
Okay, obviously people are reading this and getting uppity. So, it's not things I hate, it's just "stuff" I don't like as much as the stuff in the first column. Also, I wonder if I should revise this. Since I've actually started working, I seem to see more sunrises than sunsets, not to mention my apartment faces east, so I don't see sunsets often.

I still prefer Mac's more but I suppose I must admit Windows NT 4 has certain advantages from an administration point of view. Windows 95 and 98 still suck though.

Unix--what can I say about unix. It's very powerful, very stable and very hard to use. rm -r * "It's not that Unix isn't user-friendly, it's just that Unix pics it's friends carefully."

Still hate metal and rap. You know, I really must add that it was a traumatic experience to realize that my music had become 80s music. How can MY music have a label!

Vinyl still kicks CDs, but maybe SACDs will save us.

Linn still rocks. I have to admit I like Sony video products, especially their monitors--though their web page still sucks. If you haven't seen an FD Trinitron or Wega TV go see one.

Star Trek. I still like the original series best. I like the intent, but I think the whole Star Trek "franchise" has gotten too big and valuable for it's own good. It's too dangerous to do anything but the standard formula episode. Now the later Voyager and DS9 episodes were interesting in that they became "serialiszed" where there is a continuing arc, Not as episodic as the series began, where it didn't matter what order you saw the episodes.

Yes, I still think Babylon 5 is amazing, it's a true epic with a distinctive beginning middle and end. Characters were able to develop and change.

Picard would do no wrong. Kirk could do no wrong. Picard was a person, Kirk was more than that, he was a Starship Captain.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I mentioned pizza.

Bread is still great--especially with my shiney Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. Uncle Ben's? Well, it's good for those icy days to get your car unstuck... Okay, it also makes good jumbalaya I guess...

When will that silly show end?

Is The Simpsons still on? Futurama is pretty cool. Beavis and who?

9 ball is still better than 8.

I still like blue, A nice navy one or maybe royal? Colorized movies still suck.

Letterboxed movies are still tons better than Pan and Scan. I would also like to publically--well, as public as this is--tell off the morons who are releasing Warner Bros. movies on DVD, only in Pan and Scan. Even better are letterboxed movies "enhanced for widescreen."

Subs--I don't know how many people knew I meant subtitled movies--are still much better than those icky icky dubs. Contrary to a certain German roomate I once had.

Nikon. I don't believe I have to say anything further.

Okay, admittedly there is Sinar, and Rodenstock.

Cooking will always be better than cleaning.

Loony Toons. I can't believe Loony Toons are on this page.

Beta, is still better, but seeing as aside from my parents house I haven't seen a beta VCR in probably years, yes, beta is better, but the point is moot.

Land Cruisers okay, well, the FJ-40 and 45. I still think they're much cooler looking than Jeeps. But I guess I don't have quite the passion I once did about this.

You know, I'm not sure why I compared Sigs and Glocks, cuz they both get kicked by the 1911!

And of course Punahou and Iolani.

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