Day 2
September 13, 2002

Click on the little cameras Camera for my pictures.

The sun was up when I slowly opened my eyes and found Roswell's butt still under my hand. I rolled over to look at her, she sorta looked over and put her head back down. Aha, time to get her really going, so I started scratching her butt and in no time I had her all excited and wide awake. I went downstairs--and almost triped on her, she likes getting around you so she can stop on the step below you--to find John getting ready to go to work. Anne came out and I told her I was going to take a shower. When I got to the bathroom, Roswell comes in with me. I kicked her out--very difficult but eventually I got her out. She started scratching the door and whining. *sigh* After my shower, I almost triped over Roswell, who is still lying in front of the door.

Once Anne and I were ready to go, we decideed to eat at the Salish Inn which overlooks Snoqualmie Falls Camera. It's a bit of a drive, but like the rest of Washington everyting is beautiful especially after coming from Colorado--which is not only a desert but is having a really impressive drought--it was amazing to see so much green. John had even noted the day before that they were not having as much rain as normal either. Even the falls which I found to be pretty impressive--though admittedly my expectations are probably pretty low since the only waterfall I can think of in Colorado is Boulder Falls--which is tiny. Anne noted, "wow, not much water."

We were very hungry so we went in immediately. After a bit Anne and I were seated. I ordered the shrimp and crab omlett, Anne has the apple waffles with cinnamon whiped cream. They were both very good. After finishing we walk back to the falls. There is an overlook that is a bit crowded but we have no trouble finding a spot against the railing to stand. There are people swimmming and diving far below, it was too bad, the sun was in our faces over the falls, not the best situation for taking pictures, but perhaps more dramatic.

After dragging ourselves away from the overlook we walked to the gift shop and browsed for gifts and a map. As we walked back to the car I noticed a lot of leaves on are changing. I don't know if the trees were changing in the high country in Colorado, but not in Boulder, not yet.

Back in Colorado before leaving I think I did a search for bridges and buildings in Washington and I came accross the Weyerhaeuser corporate headquarters building Camera. I had been wanting to see it so we decided to go there next. The grounds are amazing, very lush with their headquarters nestled in the side of a hill surrounded by forrests. Even the parking lots are carefully hidden in the trees. Anne and I went to look at the building first. There is sort of an odd driveway with a turn around that circles a large boulder. The back overlooks a pond with a huge flagpole and flag. We then look for the Bonsai garden but found that it was closed. As we were leaving the Weyerhaeuser grounds we passed a very cute wildlife sign--a baby duck crossing sign. I figured there was a certain ducky person who would like it. Fortunately she was able to slow down and I took a picture as we passed.

It was then on to Boeing Field and The Museium of Flight Camera. Considering neither of us really knew where it was it was pretty easy to find. All the signs helped. We did pass it once, but turned around and found the parking lot on the second try. I have to admit I'm a plane junkie, okay, really I think I get turned on by anything big or fast, or preferably both. The coolest thing there was the Lockheed M-21 Blackbird. This is a derivative of the A-12 Blackbird which was also the origin of the SR-71 Blackbird. The original Boeing Barn is there and is a wing of the museum with historical planes and engines. A 707 based Air Force One is on display, it still has the furniture and some of the equipment on the plane. We were there until it closed.

Finished with work John met us at the Museum. We decided to go to The Crab Pot for dinner. It's a really beautiful area, on the waterfront, below and behind the Pike Place Market. We walked a bit on the waterfront, the sun was setting, the shops were lit up. A shop next door to the Crab Pot had a lot of models of big sailing ships. It was the total tourist trap, but the ships and stained glass and other stuff was really amazing. After browsing, we finally went to eat, starving by now we had a big pile of seafood dumped onto our table, salmon, crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, muscles, corn, and potatoes. The best part was the board and mallet for opening everything.

We picked up some desert on the way home and had a bit of car trouble, but everything worked out okay. I was exhausted and went upstairs to bed trailing a certain pug.

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