Hawk Moth?

So I was with Kelvin [Broken link, Kelvin needs a new website] near Deckers, Colorado. We were just driving around taking pictures and stopped at a store to get something to drink. While waiting outside I heard a buzzing sound, so I went to look for it. It was this little pointy thing flapping it's wings too fast to see, hovering over a flower. I thought cool, I had never seen a hummingbird before so I took some pictures of it. As I looked closer I started to think it looked more like a moth but it didn't look like any of the Moths I had seen--which coming from Hawai'i was many but all very different looking--so I convinced myself that it must have been a hummingbird. A couple of days later, I got my slides back and gave Alan half to look at, he happened to get the ones of the flying thing. I was looking at some pictures of a river and a guy fishing; he looks up and says, "Your hummingbird has antennae... and six legs..."

Hawk Moth Hawk Moth Hawk Moth

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