Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:16:32 +0100
From: Andy McClelland 
Subject: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care

Hi Robert,

How flattering to find myself on your quotes page.

Yes, I really am the one who coined that phrase back at school in 1978.
I was 18, and had pretty well finished there before going on to university,
so I was not too worried about rules and stuff.  For a small bet I climbed
the school clock-tower (about 100ft).  Naturally the headmaster (principal)
wanted to see me in his office about this where he told me that I was "Old
enough to know better", which was pretty corny for him.  I responded with
"Yeah, but I'm young enough not to care".  I liked the sound of that and
continued to use it when my age or maturity was questioned.

It may have existed before then but I was not aware of it then nor am I now.


Andy McClelland
Cambridge, UK