Rocky Mountain Moggers
October 24, 1999 trip
Alice, CO to Central City, CO

GatheringPeople gathering.
The groupThe group.
The group cont.The rest of the group.
Turning aroundIt does not bode well, that we were forced to turn around about 2 hundred yards into the trip!
Mogs/PinzgauersOkay, is this the direction?
Following PinzgauersFollowing some Pinzgauers.
MountainsIt was a really beautiful morning.
RestingRest stop
Ron and RobRon and Rob bringing up the rear.
Unimog 404.1Rob in his 404.1 Crewcab
PinzgauerA Pinzgauer
WaitingWaiting to get moving again.
more waitingOthers waiting to get moving.
CaravanOur caravan
SOBOur "Some Other Brand"
404.1 ClimbingClimbing over some rocks.
404.1 still climbingMore
DawnDawn behind us!
Another SOBThe Jeep we picked up somewhere...
Another clearingGathering everyone together.
FollowingFollowing a Pinzgauer now.
Still FollowingStill following the Pinzgauer.
Still FollowingMore Pinzgauer.
WhoaSliding down.
Look 'Ma 3 wheels!Wheel up in the air.

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