Off Roading

So, I am looking for a Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser preferably in the 1976 to 1982 range. Of course if someone wants to donate an FJ-45 (I would prefer the pickup) to the "Robert really needs a landcruiser preferably a 40 or 45 fund." Until I find it, I guess I'll just have to go riding with other people.

Okay, so I finally gave up... at least in the short term and got an Audi 4000, but if anyone does find a really good deal on a land cruiser let me know.

This section has newer, bigger scans.

The GroupThe October 24, 1999 trip with the Rocky Mountain Moggers from Alice, CO to Central City, CO.
Leaving at sunriseOctober 27, 1999 trip near Deckers, CO
The BeastWell, there are some offroading pictures here...

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The images below are all older scans.

This was some pictures of an outing with the Rocky Mountain Moggers, in Nobember1998. We gathered in Nederland. With a bunch of Unimogs, Pinzgauers, a Land Rover D90, and our Scout II we headed out. Trip Report.
Even Unimogs get stuck?
Wow, really stuck.
At least when there's two other Unimogs you don't have to worry about getting out.
Maybe two mogs?
How about the other direction.
There was much rejoicing... yea.

Following some Pinzgauers up a hill.
Comming up on our group at the crest of the hill.

A couple of really nice Pinzgauers.

Some pictures from another Trip with the Rocky Mountain Moggers. October 24, 1998. The Rampart Range Area of Pike National Forest.
Ron again...
What's everyone looking at?
That's a pulse jet--like the German V1 used--to heat the Box on a Unimog.
The installation.
The cockpit.
Getting back to the road.

Some Pictures from Ward Road, in the mountaints sorta north west of Boulder during fall.
A Cabin in the woods.
A cool shot of the road,
More road.
and a stream.
And, Janet. Note the beautiful covering on the ceiling of Alan's scout.

So, one day Alan sez, "let's play with my new toy" [locking diff.] Needless to say:
We got stuck.
Okay, so you rocks under the wheels to get unstuck right?
ohhhhhh is that what those jacks are for...

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